10 Unique Activities in New York City

Many cities like New York have festivals, theaters, sports teams, nightlife and a vast culture for travelers to enjoy. Travelers often seek something different – a unique feature in a city that is not highly recognized through mass-media. Here are 10 unique activities to enjoy as you leave your hotel behind for the day.

1. Celebrate the American Indian culture. The George Gustav Heye Center offers educational opportunities for visitors to learn more about Native Indian culture and traditions through exhibits, symposiums, and performing arts programs.

2. Food, food, and more food. Join a food walking tour. New York City’s food culture is authentic, traditional and raved about from travelers around the globe. From Greenwich Village to SoHo to the Lower East Side; let your taste buds do the walking.

3. Landmark buildings tower over the streets of Manhattan. Who designed them and what was their inspiration for choosing the style and decor for each building? Join one of John Sanguiliano’s Architectural New York tours for an educational history into some New York’s finest architectural wonders.

NYC Architecture

Photo by Scott Thurlow via Trover.com

4. Chelsea has become the place for the contemporary art scene. This West Side neighborhood of Manhattan is home to over 200 galleries and continues to grow. Art lovers and novices alike will enjoy this area of the city’s art culture.

5. Wine, music and the culinary arts are three fine tastes in one place. Enjoy an intimate gathering of wine and local bands while mingling with fellow locals and travelers at City Winery New York where they aim to please your senses.

6. Spend time enjoying nature. Walk to the Hudson River Park and enjoy a nature walk with an experienced guide through its 550 acres.  This park is home to various flowers, insects and many species of birds. Continue to walk along the Hudson River after this educational event.

Hudson River Park

Photo by J. Ha via Trover.com

7. On Friday evenings in the summer, go back to Hudson River Park and spend a romantic evening or gather friends for a picnic while listening to the summer jazz series.

8. View Manhattan from the sky. Reserve seats with a helicopter tour company and experience Manhattan from above.

9. Street Festivals are in abundance in the Big Apple. NYC and the surrounding boroughs host an abundant amount of festivals for everyone. Interested in beer, Asian art, coffee and tea or film? NYC will offer. Festivals are a great way to learn something new or revisit a hobby you enjoy.

NYC art

Photo by Omar Hauksson via Trover.com

10. New York style thin crust pizza. The smell, the taste, the artistry of New York style pizza. Learn how to perfect this craft by enrolling in a pizza making class with Pizza A Casa pizza school where you will start by making the dough to tasting your personal creation.

Travelers of all ages, if you are staying at the Hudson or other New York hotels, wave goodbye for a day of exploration into the unique offerings of New York City. These activities enrich mind, soul, and spirit and give deeper cultural understanding.

About the Writer

Tony is a freelance travel writer and photographer, roller coaster enthusiast and self-proclaimed Sudoku master. He is based in the Midwest U.S. and blogs at The Walking Traveler. He’s working with Hipmunk on their #HipmunkCityLove Project.

Feature photo by Brian Thio via Trover.com 


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