One Chilling Evening

The zombies walked among the toddlers, children, teens, young adults and adult men and women.  With their blank stares, blood stained and shredded clothing, and taste for flesh the non-living were looking for their next victims.  The sky was black, bats hung from the trees, cobwebs were blowing in the wind and the theme from the movie ‘Halloween’ could be heard in every sinister area from Purgatory Plaza to The Hellmouth, to Deadwood Cove.

It was a nippy evening with a light breeze and John wearing only several long sleeve shirts felt the chill of being one of the living trying to escape the horror that surrounded him.  He had said goodbye to his wife and two daughters earlier, but didn’t have any doubts about staying to witness the carnage that fell over the landscape of this once happy and peaceful place. 

John’s eyes widened behind his light-rimmed glasses and he ran his hands through his dark brown hair as he exited Grim Hallow.   Relieved to make it safely out of the decaying cornfields of Grim Hallow, he knew he had to walk through Necropolis: Haunted City of the Dead and make his way through Seven Sins Cemetery.  From there he can make a dash towards Purgatory Plaza and walk out alive and back to his family.

John walked among weary groups of people who were equally skirmish and jumpy at every haunting sound emanating from the raw nighttime air.  He had to remain calm and focused and not bring attention to himself because he knew the zombies thrived on fear and approached the light hearted and weak first.  As the huddled mass moved along, an image approached them.   

“Go Away!” screamed a young girl in her teens.

“You are not scared are you?” A ghostly woman in white asked.

“Leave me alone!” she said.

John smiled nervously but remained calm.  He and the group rounded a corner where old wooden buildings stood.  These worn out structures were being used as hideaways for the living.  With the smell of fear oozing from the cracks in the walls, the living had little chance of not being preyed upon once the building was surrounded. He knew the high risk of taking refuge here and decided to remain with the group and head towards Necropolis.

“No!” a woman screamed as she was chased by a zombie in ragged clothing.  

John turned his head to the right.  “Look at that,” he said.

Half dozen creatures swarmed the area howling, hissing and hungry for the living.  The large group suddenly broke apart.  Small bands of people went into different directions.  Several hid behind trees that lined the walkway, others disappeared in the darkness of night and a few brave souls took temporary shelter in the hideaways. 

Remaining calm through the sudden surge of zombies that divided the larger group, John took advantage of his medium body frame and blended in close to a small cluster of adults.  With their sense of hearing heightened, every sound coming from the dark somber night was met with extreme caution.         

“I know the city of the dead is close,” John said, “it should be off to the right.”   

He was right.  A large gray sign with black letters stood before them.

Necropolis: Haunted City of the Dead

The path was narrow and everyone walked single file or in pairs.  John, knowing he was still with people in front and back of him, walked solo along the asphalt ground.  The temperature continued to fall as the nighttime air became quiet.  All that could be heard was the chime of the bell and the whistle coming from the old Scenic Railway train that was traveling several hundred feet to their right.

As he turned left down the path, John saw the horror that existed in this city he had only heard about.  Wooden coffins laid upright against metal beams.  A female zombie wearing a black top and white dress taunted the survivors traveling through the city.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“No, go away,” a woman said huddled in a group.

John looked off to the right and saw a slaughterhouse with cow carcasses being eaten by rats.  Guts hung from their bellies as blood dampened the ground.  No animal or human was being spared.  Next to the slaughterhouse was the Ugly Be-Gone Salon.  Once a town favorite, this salon is haunted by the owner Betty the beautician.  She wore the outfit she had on when she died; a blue top with white buttons.  Her red hair frazzled and skin pale white, she made her presence known.

“Hi,” Betty said.

“What happened to you?”  John asked.

“I electrocuted myself by curling my hair in the bathtub,” Betty said, pointing an electric razor at John, “I’m trying to get new business so I can open the salon again.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!  John heard a piece of wood being slammed against a metal beam.  Everyone became startled and Betty walked away.  As John moved past Betty’s salon, he looked into the window of the house next door.  He was appalled to find a children’s playroom ripped apart.  Stuffed animals were painted in blood, dismembered and thrown everywhere.

“Look at all the blood on those toys,” John said.

He looked back at Betty one last time and walked away.

Gravestones lined the road on the left side of Necropolis as John left the city.  He turned his head to the right and saw what peered to be a human life form vomiting in a 55 gallon drum.  Unsure whether it was a zombie or a living person, John chose to move on and not take the risk of being attacked by the undead. 

He passed witches dressed in black sitting on benches and witnessed creatures camouflaged in trees jump out towards unsuspecting groups of people already terrified and weak.  John and his keen understanding of knowing the type of people the non-living preyed on first, remained sharp minded and in control of his emotions.  On the horizon, he saw the cemetery.  

The landscape of Seven Sins Cemetery was bathed in lights for easier passage across the grounds.  Still cautious, yet close to safety, John encountered little resistance until he reached the entrance of the cemetery.  As he looked towards Purgatory Plaza and his final passage to freedom, he had to covertly pass by the guardians of Seven Sins.  Ready to make his move, John heard an evil voice speak out.

“What are you looking at?”

“What are you looking at?”

“What are you looking at?” Pumpkinhead asked.

Screams of terror rang through John’s ears as he watched Pumpkinhead prey on frightened young adults at the entrance of Seven Sins. As he paused to look back at the entrance of the cemetery, a gypsy wearing an orange turban and shirt with a mid-calf length maroon skirt walked slowly in front of John’s path.  She stared at him with her bulgy eyes and a mischievous smile and walked away. 

John had enough and was ready to return to his family.  He walked towards Purgatory Plaza, pulled his phone out of his pocket and called his wife. 

“Honey, can you come pick me up?”  John asked.

“Yes,” his wife said, “the girls and I’ll be right there.”

“Ok, I’ll see you in a little bit,” John said.

As he walked out of Purgatory Plaza, John turned around and looked at the front gate. 

“I love Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America!”  John said to himself.

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