Chocoholic Bliss

Chocolate surrounded the youngsters in every direction who were ecstatic to be among the growing crowd waiting to be chosen to play one of the many games at this year’s ChocolateFest in Burlington, Wisconsin.  The children stood in wonderment hoping that their number would be called to play Let’s Make A Deal’icious.  Smiles curved from ear to ear while their dancing eyes and restless bodies were eager to jump on stage to win the elusive grand prize.

Attended by thousands and celebrating its 27th anniversary with “Peace, Love & Chocolate” as the theme, this year’s ChocolateFest hosted a variety of special events,  numerous vendors, exhibits and the worlds’ largest traveling amusement park provided by North American Midway Entertainment.  This annual festival which always falls on Memorial Day weekend is staffed by more than 750 local volunteers ready to provide you and your family a weekend you will never forget.


Spread across a permanent 20 acre site, there is literally something for everyone in your family to experience.  With 3 entertainment stages, a NASCAR exhibit, a Lumberjack show, battle of the bands or letting your children release some of their energy in the Kiddieland area, your family will not run out of opportunities to have fun and create lasting memories.     Did I forget to mention chocolate?  The highlight of the four day festival takes place inside the “Chocolate Experience Tent.”

With over thirty “chocolate only” vendors, two stages featuring numerous games and events involving chocolate, thirty pound buckets of chocolate for the kids to chisel their way through to find treasures, a chocolate sculpting competition and demo of 700 pound bricks of chocolate, The Chocolate Experience Tent is the highlight of ChocolateFest.  Would you like to taste test a variety of different chocolates?  Everyone can purchase a Chocolate Experience Taster ticket to receive samples from the various chocolate vendors in the tent.

The first night in the Chocolate Experience Tent kicks off with the popular Chef Meltdown on the main stage.  Throughout the weekend, the tent hosts chocolate eating contests, chef demonstrations of desserts and their favorite easy-to-make-at-home chocolate delights, a kids’ cookie decorating contest, Project Yum-Way, a fashion contest using only candy wrappers and the very popular and exciting Minute-to-Win-it Choco style – which is a highlight for everyone.


Chocolate has been a feel good treat for many dating back centuries.  The succulent, soothing and comforting taste has people coming back for more.  At ChocolateFest, there is an abundance of this luxurious confection to tempt you and your family to spend Memorial Day weekend in Burlington, Wisconsin a.k.a. “Chocolate City U.S.A.”  With people vacationing from all over the country to experience “chocoholic bliss,” ChocolateFest is truly a magical holiday weekend getaway for all ages.


Highlights – The Chocolate Experience Tent


Chef Meltdown

Join the crowd at the main stage inside the “Chocolate Experience Tent” to watch a culinary competition among 3 Chefs who vie for a $1000 grand prize.  Each chef presents an appetizer, entrée and dessert for the judges to review.  Flavor, texture, presentation, originality, skills and ingredient compatibility and the use of chocolate are taken into consideration when choosing the winner of this 3 course meal cook off.

Choco Minute to-win-it

Cheer on your favorite duo as teams compete to complete challenges inside a minute.  With each successive victory the team wins a prize and moves on to more difficult challenges.  Do you have the skills to manipulate chocolate treats to win the grand prize?  If so, you will be delighted to be a part of this hilarious “must see” event.

Project Yum-Way

Revel in the gaiety as teams of 3-5 young adults design fashionable clothing out of candy wrappers then model their creations on the runway for the judges to decide who takes the grand prize.  Each team receives identical boxes with the same material to stich and model a fancy outfit.  The teams can challenge each other in the “On the spot” 30 minute contest or the 7 day “make ahead” competition.

Chef Demonstrations

Feast your eyes on a chocolate surprise as local chocolatier’s and chef’s bake a simple dessert you can easily make at home.    Take the opportunity to ask the chocolatier questions to gain insight on how to perfect your next dessert.

Family Feud Choco Style & Let’s Make A Deal’icious

Many people love the classic games shows that delivered smiles and laughs.  Go solo or put together a team to win prizes playing two of America’s beloved game shows.  All ages welcome to participate where fun is the name of the game and everyone is a winner.



Kid’s Corner


Chocolate Eating Contest

Mom and Dad, is there anything more satisfying than seeing a smile on your child’s face?  Smile along with your young ones as they try to eat as many mini chocolate bars in two minutes as they can.

Chocolate Chunk Dig

Are you in the mood for some prospecting?  Encourage your kid to chisel their way through a 30 pound block of chocolate to find hidden treasures.

Kids Cookie Decorating Contest

Parents decorate cookies with your child and reminisce the days of baking and decorating with your mom during the holidays or on a weekend.  Bring back yesteryear and enjoy a flavorful cookie.



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