11 Not So Interesting Facts About Me And The Stories Behind Them

Knowing me, knowing you…don’t worry I’m not going to sing ABBA.  Instead of singing, I’m going to share some facts, quirks and heart breaks about me.  I’ve always been an open book and willing to share my life stories.  Feel free to share your laughs, heartaches and quirks in the comment section.  Live, laugh, love and keep rockin’!

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.


One – I played clarinet in band from 4th grade until I graduated high school with a two-year stint of playing bass clarinet in 7th and 8th grade.  After my freshman year, I hated the clarinet but my parents wanted me in an extra-curricular activity. What I wanted to do at this point was play drums and percussion but was too afraid to ask.  Could I have been the next John Bonham, Neil Peart or Alex Van Halen?  No.  I still have some angst in me for not saying anything.

Dos – I used to fall in love really easy.  I love love and wanted to give someone my love and live happily ever after.  After many heart breaks and heartaches, this is no longer the case.  I know the type of person I want to share my life with and I’m willing to grow a relationship organically.  Falling in love is no longer my forte.  Rising in love where we grow, share and learn from each other is the spice I want in my relationship.  When I say, “you are my best friend, I’ll protect you and I love you”, I’m balls to the walls serious!

Drei – My nickname is Scarbonzi (yes, I’m part Italian). One day my friend John said it with authority and it stuck. Sounds like the protector.  “Do you want swimming lesson with a pair of cement shoes? No?” Then don’t mess with my friends.”  Funny side note. For years, John’s friend Jason thought my last name was Scarbonzi.

Quatre –  Know thy self.  In 2011 I took the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality test.  My four letters are ENFJ.  I spent days, if not weeks, reading all the descriptions I could find about my personality type on the internet.  Everything I read is me.  Strengths, weaknesses, quirks, love, relationships, family life, friends and bodily functions align perfectly with this passionate, obsessed with love, don’t mess with my friends and family Italian nicknamed Scarbonzi.  I’ll sweat garlic if I need to.

I’m kind, but I will go into beast mode if need be.

Viisi – The pungent smell and delightful taste of sauerkraut, layers and layers of corned beef, melted swiss cheese and thousand island dressing bookended by two slices of rye bread grilled to golden brown perfection results in the greatest sandwich of all time – the Reuben.  There are many tasty sandwiches, but these ingredients combined discovered by a mad culinary scientist is food genius.

Sau – I wasn’t the only wide-eyed, drooling, not-sure-what-sex-was-but-she-is-hot pre-teen who gawked over Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, but I took it a step further.  I was only 9 years old when I heard Carrie Fisher married singer Paul Simon.  My world was over.  I cried my eyes out all day after hearing the news.  I thought I lost the love of my life.  My mom will testify to this.  Ah, what crazy boys without a clue will do.

Cim – I’m not a fan of running.  Actually I hate it.  I never liked how I felt while running.  I hate push-ups.  They seem like too much effort.  I walk and run the stairs and I do 35 push-ups within the first 10 minutes of waking up every morning.  I like exercising.  Sometimes with change comes discomfort.  Push-ups are now effortless and running isn’t bad – well in short distances.  Interesting how one changes when they really want something.

Sekiz – I was one of eight finalists for the school spelling bee when I was in 7th grade.  I was cruising along. I stood tall and proud as I regurgitated ever letter of ever word given to me.   I watched my fellow students drop one-by-one.  I was feeling good about myself but I was not cocky.  I saw the first place trophy in my hands.  My next word to spell was ‘COCKLESHELL’.  Easy.  C-o-c-k-E-L-s-h-e-l-l.  Wait?  Can I start over?  No!?!?!  I knew immediately my fate had been sealed.  I was out.  To this day, I’ve never misspelled cockleshell.  Damn you LE, EL, damn you.

Why oh why are you not spelled 'EL?' Sigh...
Why oh why are you not spelled ‘EL?’ Sigh…

Üheksa – I’m not your typical guy.  I’m always open to going to an art show, antique fair, museum or any cultural event when I have a woman in my life.  I enjoy intellectual events where we can hold hands, be in awe together and discuss what we see during and after the occasion.  Yeah, I like manly things like sports, but there is nothing better than going to an intellectually stimulating event or show with the woman I love.  I enjoy stories behind people and things.

Dez – I’m a Libra.  I need balance and harmony, so conflict and confrontation are not my friends.  My mouth dries up like cotton, my mind goes in overdrive and I can’t articulate what I want to say.  My modus operandi is to avoid it at all costs.  When this beast, my nemesis, show its ugly head, I don’t pull out my sword and fight.  I turn and run.  Now, if conflict is affecting someone close to me where there is potential for harm, I’ll show my fangs of rage and protect that person with everything I have at my disposal.

‘Umikumākahi – My two favorite letters of the alphabet are V and R.  V sounds strong, powerful and vibrant.  R sounds light, peaceful and calming.  To me when a V is spoken, the sound demands respect. When the R released into the air, it dances and flows smoothly.  These two compliment each other.  Hard and soft.  Strength and tenderness. Balance and harmony.  I guess it’s the Libra in me who feels this way.  Go ahead and practice.  Maybe you, the reader, will understand after you give it a try.

I like to learn new things so I thought it would be a fun idea to number these facts in different languages.  If you know any of these languages share with everyone and leave a comment in the comment section.



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